Scan/toolpath generation

Intelligence brought into the LMD process

LMD has been used very successfully in various applications for many years. With the conventional LMD process, however, econmic feasibility is often doubtful. In the case of coating or repair applications, the most important aspect is the time that is required to carry out the complex toolpath programming. This is similar with the additive manufacturing of 3D components. In this case however, there are even more fundamental obstacles to be overcome, as the quick and reliable generation of a suitable CNC program from CAD data often appears to be almost impossible. Not to mention tasks that were previously considered unsolvable, such as the automated build of 3D geometries on existing, non-CAD-documented parts.

LUNOVU has developed a holistic solution for all of these questions. The combination of surface recognition sensors with the specially developed software components of the LunoSUITE brings intelligence into the LUNOVU LMD systems. This frees you from time-consuming and error-prone programming tasks, and in many cases even enables previously unthinkable applications to be covered. LunoSUITE consists of the components LunoSCAN, LunoCOAT, LunoBUILD and LunoSIM, which provide the complete digital process chain from 3D component acquisition to toolpath planning for coating, repair and additive manufacturing applications, and finally simulation.