Customized LMD systems

Tailored LMD solutions

The world of LMD applications is already almost infinite. And in many cases, standard solutions are simply not enough to meet the very special requirements of industry and research. That is why LUNOVU provides customer-specific LMD special solutions for almost every application.

Special industrial solutions

It always starts with a conversation. Together with you, LUNOVU analyzes your very specific manufacturing task. The range of parts, the application, the expected throughput and the interfaces to the upstream and downstream production steps provide the framework for a customer-specific solution. Using the many years of experience from many successful projects, the LUNOVU specialists then work closely with you to design an LMD production system that is precisely tailored to your special requirements. Components of such a solution can be:

  • Combinations of robots with CNC systems
  • Integration in automated production environments
  • Preheating devices (oven-based or inductive)
  • Image processing systems for parts recognition
  • Special kinematics for certain components, such as shafts or extrusion screws
  • Combinations of LMD processes with laser hardening or cutting
  • Wire-based LMD
  • Integration of systems for process control

Special R&D solutions

Research and development – both in the academic as well as in the industrial environment – place very special demands on the LMD machine concepts. The LUNOVU developers are constantly exposed to the challenge of making the impossible possible. Here, too, close cooperation with you as a researcher and developer is essential! Our philosophy is that nothing is impossible. Some examples of special R&D solutions are:

  • Combinations of LMD processes with other material-producing processes
  • Integration of laser / scanner combinations for heat treatment
  • New process sensors such as OCT, geometry acquisition, plasma analysis
  • Thermal camera systems
  • LMD – systems for novel material combinations
  • LMD systems especially for sample production
  • Special solutions for control technology
  • Custom interfaces
  • Image processing solutions

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