Repair and maintenance

Repairs in perfect quality

The DED/Laser Cladding process has been used for repair and maintenance tasks for many years. Especially when high-value components are involved, or when spare parts are no longer available, laser cladding is often the only way to get machines or vehicles, for example, up and running again.

Cost-efficient and sustainable solutions through LUNOVU technology

Recently, another aspect has gained relevance. Rising prices for raw material, the dependence on supply chains and an increased awareness of sustainability have generally made repair processes more attractive than ever before.

For repairs and maintenance, LUNOVU technology offers a decisive advantage: In many cases, the areas to be repaired can be scanned directly in the machine. Interacting with the proprietary LUNOVU software, the operator can quickly and reliably create the machining programs for the repair. Depending on the application, this can also be fully automated – especially for high quantities.