Scan/path generation modules

Take your machine to a new level

LUNOVU scan/path generation technology for your robot and CNC systems

You use laser cladding/LMD successfully in your production –based on an articulated robot or as a cartesian/CNC machine. With complex 3D processing tasks, however, you might face system limits. For example, when coating or repairing free-form parts or additively manufacturing 3D structures on existing 3D components, you are confronted with an extreme programming effort that leads to massive costs. The solution: LUNOVU scan/path generation modules. Originally developed for LUNOVU machine systems and now also available for a large number of other machines.

What we can do for you

We analyze your application cases together with you and suggest the most suited solution from our module portfolio. We will be happy to demonstrate the functionality in advance using a test part you provide or a 3D model. We also check whether your LMD/laser cladding system allows the upgrade and whether small modifications to your machine are required.

We install the necessary hardware, such as scanners, mounts and the necessary electrical and control components. Our specially developed software will be adapted and configured for your machine. Finally, we demonstrate the complete process chain from scanning to processing on one of your parts. The result: impressive time savings and error-free processes, even for very complex parts.

Is your machine suited for an upgrade?

In most cases yes. Systems with articulated robots from common manufacturers (e.g. KUKA, ABB, FANUC) can be equipped with the LUNOVU modules, also in connection with rotary/tilt positioners or linear axes. We check in advance whether the controller version of your robot is suitable.

In most cases, CNC/gantry systems can also be upgraded, provided the type of CNC control used allows it. This is the case for the common NC controls (e.g. SINUMERIK or MTX). Different axis configurations (3 or 5 axes, rotary/tilt tables or swivel heads) can easily be taken into account.

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