LMD/DED rethought: wire instead of powder

Powder-based LMD/DED processes have been established for decades. Rightly so, because they offer excellent performance for almost all applications. In recent years, however, an interesting alternative has emerged in the form of LUNOVU wire LMD/DED systems. Compared to powder, wire promises to be a cost-effective starting material and it reduces the requirements regarding occupational health and safety.

Wire LMD turnkey solutions from LUNOVU

A key element of these solutions are multidirectional wire optics. By guiding the laser beam in a special way, they allow identical process conditions to be maintained in all spatial directions during processing. Compared to previous solutions with lateral wire feeding, this represents a decisive improvement.

Based on this, LUNOVU has realized an impressive number of proprietary developments, which make the wire process as economical and easily controllable as the powder process.

The highlights include:

  • Processes with deposition rates up to approx. 3 kg/h (e.g. nickel-based alloys or steel)
  • Special protective gas supply for oxygen-sensitive materials
  • Wire feeding and straightening units for wire diameters up to 1.6 mm
  • Adapted and integrated sensors for wire monitoring
  • Wire supply from rolls with several 100 kg wire
  • Wire changer
  • Special sequences programmed in the NC or robot control, e.g. for start, stop or reversal points
  • CAM/toolpath generation software for wire processes

All LUNOVU systems such as rLMD, eLMD or pLMD can be optionally equipped with powder or wire modules.

Process know-how directly from the LUNOVU application center

LUNOVU has started early to further develop the wire process in its in-house application center. Of course, it is integrated into the hardware and software of our machine systems. But this knowledge is also directly available to you! We are also happy to carry out feasibility studies, process or application developments for you. Please contact us to participate in this exciting topic at an early stage!