LMD/DED for extreme requirements

There is probably no industry with more extreme requirements than the aerospace industry. Exceptional material quality and reliability are required, and at the same time materials and components must be as light as possible and operate under very harsh conditions.

LUNOVU solutions for aerospace applications

There is a wide range of aerospace applications. LUNOVU technology helps to repair aircraft engine components cost-effectively and with the highest quality. For this purpose, the unique LUNOVU scan/toolpath generation technology is used. It facilitates repairing components without human intervention.

In the space sector, there is also a great demand for completely additively manufactured components. Such components must meet the highest quality standards and are often made of very special alloys that are temperature-resistant or that combine extreme strength with low weight.

The LUNOVU software allows components to be manufactured directly from CAD data. In addition, process monitoring and control modules can be used to achieve maximum process reliability and reproducibility.